Professional Expert Carrying Case for DJI Inspire 2 – Landing Mode HPRC case with attached camera X4S/X5S space for up to 20 batteries, lenses

Fits also for the new DJI Cendence and X7 camrea!


Professional Expert Carrying Case for DJI Inspire 2 – Landing Mode case with attached camera X4S/X5S/X7 space for up to 20 batteries, lenses and many more.

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The new flagship from MC-CASES is here! Like the Inspire 1 pro Case we are offering the perfect carry solution for the DJI Inspire 2 in Landing Mode with attached camera and a lot of space, cool and individuell effective configuration of your compartments you can do by yourself depending on your setup. This case was developed in partnership with the copter-college owner Ralf Spoerer. Leading German Drone Pilot, Workshop Trainer and Youtuber! For you and 100% practical usage is guaranteed. From professionals for professionals!

Beside the cunning array of the several compartments for the many accessories, this case features space up to 20 batteries,6 lenses for the X5S, the DJI Crystal Sky Monitor in 5.5 and 7.85 Inch version. For sure this Case is an Landind Mode case, this means the Inspire 2 can be stored “arms down” including attached camera. Ready to fly as fast as possible.

The DJI Inspire 2 Case offers at many places the possibility to configurated the compartments and spaces for your individual demand depending on your setup. We are using and offering several compartment lids, convoluted foams (for different types of cameras X4S, X5S,  X7 etc), compartment variations and foam layers. For example, you can change the style of 6 compartments from 6 Batteries to 6 lenses. All additional foams and lids are included. Please find below the details about the included additional stuff.

As Outdoor Hard Case, we are trusting in the HPRC, for sure the biggest and best known manufacturer of Hard Cases in the world. They are just offering the best quality!

In detail you can store the following accessories:

  •  DJI Inspire 2 in Landingmode with attached X4S or X5S / X7 Camera
  •  2x Radio / Remote Control also DJI Cendence 
  •  X4S or X5S Camera Box
  •  20 x I2 Batteries
  •  Multicharger for I2 Batteries
  •  Power Supply / Adapter
  •  6x Lenses for X4S / X5S Camera OR 6 batteries
  •  Props and Spare-Props
  •  5.5 and 7.85 Inch Original DJI Crystal Sky Monitor incl. Batterie
  •  Ipad / Tablet up to 10.2 Inch
  •  DJI SSD Hard disk
  •  Business Cards and Filters

Diverse additional equipment for multi-use within the individual configurable compartments:

- 2x below the Radios (172mm X 115mm)
- 2x below the Batterie compartments at the first layer. (94mm X 80mm)
- 2x below the Inspire 2 Arms
- 1x below the Inspire 2 Body (150mm x 90mm)
- 1x big compartment at the removeable foam layer at the right site (553mm X 200mm) for DJI Osmo e.g.

The delivery includes the following stuff:

- DJI Inspire 2 Landing Mode Carrying Case
- 3x Convoluted foam to protect the attached Cameras (40mm for X5S Camera, 50mm and 70mm for the X4S Camera).
- 2x Radio / Remote Control Compartment Lids for additional space below.
- 1x Lid for the big compartment below the DJI Inspire 2 body.
- 2x Lids for the upper Batterie compartments
- 6x foam Layers for the Battery Compartments which can be reconfigured to 6x Lens compartments.
- 2x Lids for the big right compartment to store spare props, X4S/X5S Box etc. If you are not planning to store the boxes please us the bigger lid.

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