Professional Carry Case fits for DJI Inspire Pro X5 Zenmuse- With mounted Camera (Landing Mode)

This professional, high quality carry case is made in Europe and the best sold article in Europe in this category. This unique transport case secures your valuable copter and is manufactured specially for DJI Inspire One (not for DJI Phantom or other) for professional and everyday use. Due to well thought-out concept you have direct access to all parts you need for flying ' - Additional equipment can be stored into the bottom layer. The copter and its numerous accessories (e.g. up to 11 batteries!) fit perfectly into this case. This whole case was designed and developed by specialists from multi-copter industry and film industry. The special inlay NA3650 safes your copter and the accessories. Dimensions: 585m (23,00") x 810mm (31,86") x 388mm (15,27")

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Professional Carry Case fits for DJI Inspire Pro X5 Zenmuse.

  • High quality, black, robust, lockable, hard shell case designed for DJI Inspire Pro X5 Zenmuse - for professional use Well-designed, functional carry case.
  • Space for up to 11 batteries and plenty of accessoriesSeveral handles at the case and integrated rollers make carrying easy.
  • The following accessories will fit in the carry case (exemplary configuration): 1 x DJI Inspire, 2 x senders, up to 11 batteries, up to 3 chargers, 2 x slot for iPad / tablet pcs, camera, props, additional space for cables, accessories and spare-props
  • Sophisticated concept: Right part of the case is divided into two layers. Top layer contains everything which is used for flying The bottom layer provides space for additional accessories. inforced edges -air cargo suitable
  • Properties of the case: shock-proof, TTX01. PP with high performance special resin, elastic, high resistant carry shells, acid-resistant, scratch-proof, water-, dust- and light-proof. IP67, resistant to extreme weather conditions (-40°C up to +80°), modern design for use outdoor and presentations. Hand valve for pressure compensation, hardened steel hinges, handles hardened aluminium, easy case locks.

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