Expert Carry Case for DJI Matrice 600 Pro including extra Battery Carry case

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Expert Carrying Case for DJI Matrice 600 (M600) fits with DJI Ronin MX and Landing Gear by MC-CASES.

Finally! The high expected DJI Matrice 600 Case from MC-CASES is here! Our developers did a awesome job! They found a way and a case to store the M600 including Landing Gear and Ronin MX attached! The clue: “The Case within the Case”, with the big case comes a smaller battery and charger case! This smaller case which will be stored in the big one can store up to 12 batteries, 4x Ronin MX battery, a multi charger unit and power supply. With this feature you are able to take out the batterie case and bring it into your office / media labour. Let the big M600 Case in your warehouse or in your car and just use the batterie case for charging the batteries!

Beside the battery case there are also compartments for many other accessories. In the removeable first layer foam you store: 2 x Tablet / Ipad, Lenses for X5S (2 pcs), spare props (below the battery case), many cables, DJI SSD Disks aswell as all DJI Ronin MX accessories. (Adapter plates, cables, battery plates..)

The M600 Copter is ready to fly as fast as possible. Just remove the first foam layer and the copter is ready to lift it out. Fold out the arms and you are ready to go!

We have chosen a case from SKB to protect your valuable drone!

The dimensions are 79cm x 79cm x 76cm and the weight is about 19 Kg.

Please notice: Because of the dimensions of this product the shipping costs need to be calculated depending on your destination. To get the best price get in touch with us through phone or e-mail to with your delivery address.

In detail you can store the following stuff into the case:

- DJI Matrice 600 with landing gear and Ronin MX

- 2x Matrice 600 Remote Controls

- 18x Matrice 600 batteries (12 pieces within the battery case)

- 4x DJI Ronin MX batteries

- 1x Multicharger (within the battery case)

- 1x Power adapter and cables (within the battery case)

- 1x Battery Case

- 2x Ipad / Tablet

- 2x Lenses for X5S

- 2x Adapter Plates for Ronin MX

- Cables and other accessories

- 2x Ronin MX Montage Platte

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